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Linda Athanasiadou Unmasked: The Deep Dive into the NOA Circle, AeliusCircle, QBF Scam Puppeteer.

Updated: Sep 24, 2023


In the intricate tapestry of global finance, the threads of legitimacy and deception often intertwine. The QBF scandal, a shockwave in the financial arena, stands as a testament to this complexity. Central to this maelstrom is Linda Athanasiadou, who, until recent disclosures, donned the mask of an innocent victim. But as layers peel away, startling truths emerge.

The Facade of Innocence:

Linda Athanasiadou, for a significant duration, championed her narrative as a pawn in Roman Shpakov's grand scheme, asserting her detachment from QBF's deceptive core. Her portrayal was that of a bystander inadvertently ensnared in a vast, shadowy conspiracy.


The Damning Evidence:

Recent data we have been given have unveiled a pivotal document from Deloitte in Cyprus, which starkly challenges Linda's proclaimed innocence. This document spotlighted AeliusCircle, an audit firm under Linda's helm, sanctioned by the Cyprus Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAC) for audit services. Intriguingly, AeliusCircle sought Deloitte's expertise to vet the AI model QBF professedly employed - a model central to QBF's audacious claims of astronomical investment yields, which were subsequently debunked.

Download • 1.47MB

Evidence strongly suggests that Linda orchestrated the creation of this report to mollify Roman Shpakov amidst their turbulent association. This document later served as a smokescreen, misleading investors and painting a facade of legitimacy over QBF's operations.

Ties to Previous Revelations:

Our previous releases shed light on Apollon Athanasiadi's role in crafting counterfeit statements to QBF investors at NOA Circle. The intricate web further entangles with the involvement of Kiril Olestho and NOA Circle in forging contracts, cementing the depth of deception and manipulation at play. Read our previous articles here and here.

The Real Story:

This document obliterates Linda's carefully crafted narrative, revealing her deep-seated ties with QBF. Far from being a mere observer, Linda emerges as a central orchestrator, leveraging her stature to mislead and deceive. Listen to the daming admission here alongside the transcribed text here.

A Pertinent Question:

How can an audit firm, such as AeliusCircle, commission a global giant like Deloitte to evaluate the investment algorithms of an ostensibly unrelated venture? The onus now lies on Deloitte to unveil its compliance records, shedding light on the full extent and nature of its association with Linda.


The QBF scandal underscores the intricate deceptions lurking within the financial sector. Linda Athanasiadou's pivotal role in this controversy accentuates the imperative for rigorous probes and unwavering transparency within the financial domain. As the saga unfolds, it's evident that the battle against financial malfeasance is relentless, demanding our utmost vigilance.


Teasers for the Upcoming Posts:

The Web Expands:

Stay tuned for our next explosive revelation! Fresh data leaks are on the horizon, unveiling the intricate interconnections among all QBF and NOA companies. Brace yourselves for groundbreaking insights, set to be unveiled tomorrow!

Prominent Figures Under the Spotlight:

Our subsequent expose will delve into the role of a prominent finance figure in Cyprus intricately linked to the QBF narrative. Shockingly, this individual still holds a revered position on the board of the Central Bank of Cyprus. Such revelations raise pressing questions about the integrity and oversight of financial institutions at the highest echelons.

Furthermore, recent news has highlighted the involvement of eminent figures in the Russian Central Bank, casting shadows of doubt over the sanctity of financial governance. [Russian Central Bank News]( and [Profile of V.V. Chistyukhin] (, a key figure in the Russian Central Bank, further accentuates the global scale of this scandal.

Uncharted Territories Ahead?:

Whispers have reached our ears about potential ties between NOA, Linda, and a service provider in Cyprus. This very provider is rumoured to have structured deals for notable entities and companies associated with Zelenski and Hunter Biden. There are also murmurs about Linda's alleged concealment and hiding in the USA. While these connections are not yet verified, a surge of information has recently been leaked to our team.

Our commitment to integrity and transparency has always been paramount. This influx of data is the primary reason for the delay in our recent posts. Given the sheer volume and gravity of the information, we've opted to release interim posts as we meticulously verify and analyse the data. Rest assured, we will continue to report with the utmost integrity, ensuring our readers receive accurate and respectful insights into these unfolding matters.

A Special Note of Gratitude:

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all those brave individuals who have come forward to expose these issues. Their courage and resilience, especially in the face of harassment and interference from a system that seems to have been compromised, is commendable. It's disheartening to witness the lengths to which certain corrupt officials and entities will go to ruin the lives of these whistleblowers and their families. Their sacrifices for the greater good and the pursuit of truth will not be forgotten. We stand in solidarity with them and are committed to shining a light on these matters.


This blog post is grounded in the information shared and recent disclosures. It's paramount to approach such topics with an open mindset, awaiting conclusive findings from official probes and judgments. Our reports aim to expose the rotten system and push for justice, fairness, and a more correct and transparent society that mutually respects and values all people and applies law and order equally.

Unveiling the Truth: Linda Athanasiadou's Transcription Admitting Fraud and Money Laundering - Noa circle - QBF Scam - Unveiling the QBF Scam: Linda Athanasiadou's Admission of Guilt"

In a shocking revelation, Linda Athanasiadou, a key player in the QBF scam, has been caught on tape admitting her involvement in fraudulent activities and money laundering. The transcribed conversation exposes the depth of deception within the QBF scam, revealing her active role in devising fraudulent schemes and moving funds through various false contracts and transactions. This confession serves as a chilling reminder of the dark realities of financial fraud and the devastating impact on innocent investors. As we continue to unearth the truth, we stand united in pursuing justice for the victims and accountability for those involved.

The Full transcribe:

00:08 So I was working and having Nicole ( her daughter) and traveling with my ACCA, traveling a lot to Russia, to Ukraine, to London, here because I have to do audits.

00:24 I have to study as well.

00:28 Also I was not reading I was doing, my ACCA I decided to do an MBA, parallel and having a young baby. It was a fucking nightmare.

00:39 So difficult and the moGvaGon it was I just had to make money and to get out of this shit. That’s it. Because I love Apollon, I wanted to be with him, I knew that since I last got pregnant, I can’t have another baby and I cannot let the only baby grow up in like in in this condition

00:56 Literally, I was not sleeping. I was coming from work at 8. I was going to bed I was preparing the staff for Nicole I was going to bed, wake aUer for two hours and sleep and studying all night. I had to do my exams If I fail my ACCA, I will be fired and I got my audit stuff

Uh. Uh.

01:29 At that Gme Apollon, he met these Russian guys; they wanted to do an investment fund.

01:38 Uh, they don't have a very clean business, but they wanted to do an investment firm asset management in Europe. So they were looking for where to make the investment firm and decided in Cyprus. Why Cyprus? It is a European license.

01:53 Its more flexible! the costs are low So Hum. One day I was. It was like 9 or 10 o'clock at night and we were finishing one audit of erm one big Ukrainian company They were listed in LSE So that Gme I was working in KPMG So Then

02:27 Apollon said I am meeting these my Russian GUYS, my clients.

02:31 And I was like I really don't want to come But he said Please come and we and we are alone here and need company.

02:38 So I came there and there was these guys.

02:42 Er, And we start like talking this and that.

02:47 Then I went to Moscow, and I applied, Apollon already applied for their license. He made them a whole structure and everything and Plus we had to think how to put capital to show that it’s clean money. You know, because they were not clean and the regulators to accept, so he managed everything and it’s done.

03:010 Then I came to Moscow, they told me.

03:12 Come work for us. You know

03:15 I told them guys like you don't know me. I don't know you.

03:19 They said from what we have seen, is enough for us.

03:27 Come and work for us

03:30 So then I fly, I had to say to KPMG, I am leaving. I went to the partner, and I said to him I am leaving He was like.

03:33 When? Really are you going? Where And I said I decided to do make some different opportunities. And At that Gme I was. I was very fast getting promoted, and I leU KPMG at my 27 basically, I was already a senior manager so the next step was because I was already very fast promoted I got an international twice an international price for ACCA For the highest level for tax and audit, so they were promoting very fast and at the Gme, the main partner Angelos, He's the main regional partner of KPMG. You have very good relationship, I am renting office from him now, a beautiful building and He has very good connections And and

04:29 He knows the regulators and other departments in Cyprus 04:33 And every time I need something he is always about helping.

04:39 So he just says Ok go.

04:44 But the door is open anytime you want to come back, you just can come back. Maybe it's because you have a of studies. Stress I said I just wanted to make a change So I leU.

04:57 I open up an audit company and.

05:03 I started to set- up an investment firm from scratch from zero.

05:08 So in parallel

05:12 Like in one year, they asked Apollon to leave as well and

05:17 Apollon undertook to structure for all of their business for the Russian guy's business.

05:26 And basically, they are like they have two investment firms in Russia. They have this one in Cyprus.

05:36 But they were not able to show themselves They wanted to show themselves, and they didn't want that because they had a licensed Europeans. He didn't want to show...


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Sep 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Evil must be punished! Common people lost so much money in this QBF scam


Sep 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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