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Unravelling the SCAM QBF: How NOA Circle Deceived Investors Through a Complex Web of Deception

Updated: May 14

The 'regulated' exposé
sun of justice

In the annals of financial fraud, the QBF scam stands as a glaring example of deception and manipulation, leaving thousands of investors devastated. Operating under the guise of multi-jurisdiction regulated entities, NOA Circle played a central role in orchestrating a fraudulent scheme that duped innocent investors. In this exposé, we delve into the intricate workings of the QBF scam, where clients originally signed agreements with seemingly reputable regulated firms, only to fall prey to a sinister plot of revised structures, fake tax advisors, and false investment holdings.

1. Agents Advertising Highly Multi-Jurisdiction Regulated Entities, Operated by QBF and NOA Circle - it was a Scam:

The QBF scam commenced with agents promoting investment opportunities through highly multi-jurisdiction regulated entities. These entities operated under the apparent credibility of NOA Circle, luring unsuspecting investors into their trap. Under the guise of regulatory compliance, clients were initially assured of secure investments with reputable firms.

2. Revised Structures Suggested by Supposed Independent Tax Advisors:

Once clients were convinced and ready to make their investments, the agents presented them with a revised structure, claiming that tax advisors at NOA recommended the use of alternative companies. These entities often bore similar or identical names to the regulated firms but operated in different countries, thus evading regulatory oversight. This ploy left investors' funds unregulated and unsecured by the regulators.

3. Deceptive Tactics: Threats and False Transactions:

  • Under this scheme, when investors expressed concerns and complaints to regulators, QBF distanced itself, denying any association with these third-party entities.

  • Furthermore, QBF resorted to intimidation, threatening investors with allegations of agreeing to invest in an illegal tax avoidance scheme and the possibility of tax investigations should they file a complaint.

  • Meanwhile, NOA Circle facilitated the fraudulent flow of funds through false contracts and fabricated transactions. Investors' money was transferred around in a bid to legitimize it. After deducting a fee, the funds were remitted back to QBF for their construction projects, leaving investors with significant losses and shattered trust.

Fake Investment Holdings and Statements:

To further perpetuate the deception, NOA Circle was responsible for creating fake investment statements sent to customers, falsely showing their investment holdings. These fabricated statements gave the illusion of a secure and thriving investment, leading investors to believe their money was in safe hands.


Now What?

The QBF scam was an elaborate web of deception, masterminded by NOA Circle, that preyed on innocent investors' trust. Under the guise of multi-jurisdiction regulated entities and reputable tax advisors, investors were manipulated into signing agreements with seemingly credible firms. The revised structures, false statements, and threats aimed to perpetuate the scam, leaving victims with significant financial losses and emotional distress.

As we unravel the truth behind this fraudulent operation, we stand united in seeking justice for all the victims affected by this callous deception. Together, we shall hold those responsible accountable and strive to prevent similar scams from harming innocent investors in the future.



Unravelling the QBF Scam: How NOA Circle Deceived Investors Through a Complex Web of Deception


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Aug 01, 2023
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