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Unveiling the Mastermind: How Apollon Athanasiades Orchestrated the QBF NOACircle Scam

Updated: Apr 21

In the intricate web of the QBF pyramid scheme, one figure stood at the heart of the complexity: Apollon Athanasiades. Operating behind the scenes, he meticulously crafted a scheme that baffled both investors and regulators alike. Let's delve into the methodical planning and execution that allowed Athanasiades to manipulate the system to his advantage.

Creating a Web of Deception of the QBF & NOACIRCLE SCAM:

Apollon Athanasiades/Athanasiadis: the mastermind of thre QBF NOACIRCLE/NOA Circle SCAM
Apollon Athanasiades/Athanasiadis: the mastermind of thre QBF NOACIRCLE/NOA Circle SCAM

One of the key tactics employed by Athanasiades was the establishment of companies with strikingly similar names to the regulated ones. This deliberate confusion misled investors into believing they were dealing with a legitimate, regulated entity. Investors were blindsided as company names were switched at the last moment, rendering their investments unregulated and their contracts void. The complexity of this strategy made it difficult for regulators to pinpoint fraudulent activities. Athanasiades exploited this confusion to challenge and push back against any regulatory inquiries, using his mastery of the scheme to confound authorities.

Shrouded Ownership:

Within this intricate network of companies, Apollon Athanasiades, along with Linda Athanasiadou and Roman Shpakov, remained hidden. Instead, unsuspecting individuals were used as nominees or partners, unaware of the true purpose of the companies they were associated with. The sophistication of Athanasiades' plan was highlighted by the fact that even those who had previously partnered with NOA Circle were deceived. This orchestration extended to the careful selection of personnel – Kirill Oleshko, under the direct command of Linda Athanasiadou, was entrusted with forging agreements and handling sensitive bank accounts across multiple jurisdictions.

Crafting Illusions for Banks:

Athanasiades' plan didn't stop at deceiving investors. To maintain the appearance of legitimacy, a third set of meticulously crafted documents was presented to banks. These documents were designed to evade scrutiny, including pre-compiled KYC files for clients to preempt any questions. Athanasiades' manipulation extended to NOA Circle employees, who were directed to prepare fake statements that unsuspecting investors received. This level of meticulous planning showcased Athanasiades' intention to maintain a facade of authenticity at every turn.

Steering Overseas Licensee Companies and Complex Agreements:

Apollon Athanasiades was not only the architect of the scheme's intricate structure but also had a hand in establishing overseas licensee companies. These entities played a crucial role in funnelling funds and further obfuscating the trail of deceit. Moreover, he played a significant role in structuring and finalizing agreements between Argento Access and the bonds entwined in the scheme. This demonstrated his prowess in manoeuvring the financial landscape and shaping pivotal aspects of the scheme.

The Financial Motive Behind the Curtain of QBF & NOACIRCLE SCAM:

Behind the facade, Athanasiades was not only orchestrating the scheme but also financially benefiting from it. Investigations revealed he received fixed reimbursements covering NOA Circle's operational expenses. In addition, he and Linda Athanasiadou shared a percentage-based fee tied to the total funds flowing through the elaborate structure he had designed. This fee ranged from 2.5% to a staggering 25%, showcasing the extent of their greed.

A Web of Greed Within Deception - QBF & NOACIRCLE SCAM:

Evidence suggests that Athanasiades and his associates went a step further, overcharging QBF for offshore companies – essentially, the "thief stealing from the thief." Even in the complex world of financial fraud, the depths of their deception were astounding. This audacious act demonstrated that within their labyrinthine scheme, the perpetrators had no qualms about exploiting each other for personal gain.

As the layers of deceit continue to unravel, it becomes evident that the QBF scheme was not a mere fraud but an intricately orchestrated symphony of manipulation, deception, and greed. Uncovering its complexities demands an unwavering commitment to truth, justice, and accountability, shining a light on the multifaceted layers of those involved.

In a landscape where financial schemes grow increasingly intricate, the QBF scheme underscores the depths to which fraud can be plotted. Apollon Athanasiades, with his meticulous planning and exploitation of regulatory gaps, created a scheme that defied detection for a significant period. As the truth emerges, justice gains new momentum. The collective efforts of those determined to expose the scheme serve as a testament to the power of unity against financial fraud. Amid the intricate layers, justice becomes a beacon of hope for victims who endured the consequences of Athanasiades' calculated manipulation.



Unveiling the Mastermind: How Apollon Athanasiades Orchestrated the QBF NOA CIRCLE Scam and Ponzi Scheme! - QBF & NOACIRCLE SCAM

Unveiling the Mastermind: How Apollon Athanasiades Orchestrated the QBF Scheme!

Discover how Apollon Athanasiades ingeniously orchestrated the intricate QBF pyramid scheme, using tactics like company name switches, shrouded ownership, and crafted illusions. Unravel the layers of complexity as we delve into the mind of a master manipulator.

In the perplexing world of the QBF pyramid scheme, a single figure stood at the epicenter of its complexity – Apollon Athanasiades. Concealed behind the curtain, he meticulously devised a scheme that left investors and regulators mystified. Let's venture into the meticulous stratagem that empowered Athanasiades to exploit the system to his benefit.

1. Creating a Web of Deception: Apollon Athanasiades strategically crafted a labyrinthine array of companies, cleverly resembling the regulated ones. This calculated confusion duped investors into perceiving these as legitimate, regulated entities. Yet, a last-minute switch in company names invalidated contracts, rendering investments unregulated. This intricate maneuver baffled regulators, enabling Athanasiades to deflect inquiries and bewilder authorities.

2. Shrouded Ownership: Amidst the intricate network of companies, Apollon Athanasiades, Linda Athanasiadou, and Roman Shpakov remained clandestine. Unsuspecting individuals were manipulated as nominees or partners, unknowingly facilitating the scheme. The intricacy of Athanasiades' plan was exemplified as even past NOA Circle collaborators were deceived. Kirill Oleshko, directly under Linda Athanasiadou's command, played a central role in forging agreements and managing complex bank accounts across global jurisdictions.

3. Crafting Illusions for Banks: Athanasiades' deceit transcended investor manipulation. A meticulously tailored set of documents, presented to banks, projected an illusion of authenticity. Pre-compiled KYC files preempted any questions, reflecting Athanasiades' intent to maintain a veneer of legitimacy. Notably, NOA Circle employees were instructed to create fake statements for unsuspecting investors, accentuating the façade at every turn.

Apollon Athanasiades' involvement in the QBF scheme extended beyond appearances. He intricately established overseas licensee companies and orchestrated cooperation agreements for Argento Access and bonds. This showcases his prowess in navigating financial intricacies and molding pivotal aspects of the scheme.

Behind the scenes, Athanasiades wasn't merely a puppeteer but also financially motivated. Evidence suggests fixed reimbursements covered NOA Circle's operational expenses, with Athanasiades and Linda Athanasiadou sharing an additional percentage fee based on funds flowing through the elaborate structure. Astoundingly, this fee ranged from 2.5% to 25%, laying bare their insatiable greed.

The layers of deception plunged deeper. Evidence indicates Athanasiades overcharged QBF for offshore companies, tripling costs. This audacity echoes "the thief stealing from the thief." Within this labyrinth of financial deception, perpetrators exploited each other for personal gain.

As revelations unfold, the QBF scheme reveals itself as a meticulously orchestrated symphony of manipulation, deception, and greed. Unravelling its complexity mandates an unwavering pursuit of truth, justice, and accountability, shedding light on the multi-faceted layers involved.

In this world of intricate financial schemes, the QBF scheme exemplifies the depths to which fraud can extend. Apollon Athanasiades exploited regulatory gaps, cross-border complexities, and meticulous planning to execute an elusive scheme. As the puzzle pieces emerge, uncovering such elaborate deceit demands both determination and comprehension of intricate dynamics.

As the truth emerges, the fight for justice gains renewed vigour. Collaborative endeavours to expose the QBF scheme stand as a testament to collective action against financial fraud. With each layer revealed justice becomes a beacon of hope for victims affected by Apollon Athanasiades' calculated manipulation.


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