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Unveiling the QBF Scam: Leaked Documents Expose NOA Circle's Intentional Plans to Defraud Investors

Updated: Aug 12

In a shocking turn of events, leaked documents have surfaced, shedding light on the intentional and calculated plans of NOA Circle with QBF to deceive unsuspecting investors. The exposed documents reveal a complex web of fraudulent activities carefully designed to make it incredibly challenging for investors to recover their hard-earned money, for regulators and authorities to deem order QBF's and NOA's activities, and extremely difficult for prosecutors to proceed with charges.

This blog post delves into the alarming details disclosed by the leaked documents, offering a glimpse into the sinister world of the QBF scam.

Unveiling NOA Circle's Role

The first leaked documents uncover NOA Circle's pivotal role in the fraudulent scheme. They expose the company's intentions to collaborate closely with QBF to create an elaborate structure to lure investors into their trap. The documents outline how NOA Circle sought to use its licensing and credibility, as well as other associated licensed firms, as a front to present a facade of legitimacy, all while orchestrating deceptive strategies behind the scenes.









a graph demonstrating fradulent activities graph demonstrating fradulent activities
a graph demonstrating fradulent activities

Leaked documents Leaked documents

NOA's and QBF's Calculated Deception

The above documents are part of an email communication between Mr Apollon Athanasiades and Mrs Linda Athanasiadou and a banking institution in their attempt to open banking facilities to the firms they used in their scam. It's pivotal to mention the two documents merely provide a startling glimpse into QBF's deliberate deception tactics. However, gradually and until the police do their job, we will keep releasing documents that reveal the company's plan to divert investor funds into development projects associated with the beneficiaries of the group, leaving investors with little hope of retrieving their investments.

QBF's and NOA's manipulation of client funds and conniving practices will be laid bare, exposing the true extent of its fraudulent operation and involvement of politically and economically powerful people in Russia and Cyprus.

Complex Structure Designed to Stifle Recovery:

The leaked documents further unveil a complex structure set up by NOA Circle and QBF to thwart any attempts by investors to seek legal recourse. With multiple layers of anonymity and strategic manoeuvres, recovering funds becomes an uphill battle for unsuspecting victims.

The Human Toll: Devastating Impact on Investors:

Beyond the intricate fraud scheme, the blog post highlights the personal stories of the victims who have suffered immense financial losses due to the QBF scam. Families' life savings, dreams, and aspirations have been shattered by the callous actions of these fraudulent entities, leaving behind a trail of devastation.

A Call for Justice:

As we continue our investigation and delve deeper into the leaked documents, a more detailed report will follow, shedding light on the individuals behind this fraudulent empire and the connections that allowed them to evade detection for so long. Our mission is to bring these perpetrators to justice and to stand together with the victims, offering support, solidarity, and hope for a brighter future.

The leaked documents have opened Pandora's box, revealing the dark underbelly of the QBF scam orchestrated by NOA Circle and QBF and the cover-up input of influential and powerful people. The intentional complex multi-jurisdiction structures and plans to defraud investors designed to make a recovery and accountability of those responsible and having benefited were very difficult but are now exposed.

The fight for justice is just beginning, and we vow to continue our efforts to bring these culprits to account. Stay tuned for our comprehensive report as we uncover more shocking revelations in our quest for truth and justice.

Together, we will seek the restitution that the victims rightfully deserve, punishment of those responsible and accountability for those who helped to cover up this matter.

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