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Welcome to QBF & NOA CIRCLE Fraud Victims' Site

Updated: May 14

Welcome to the QBF & NOA CIRCLE Fraud Victims' Site! We extend a warm welcome to all those affected by the pyramid scheme. This platform was created to provide a supportive community and serve as a beacon of truth amidst the darkness of this fraudulent scheme.

At our site, we are dedicated to exposing the truth by sharing leaked data and evidence related to the individuals involved in the QBF scam. We believe in shedding light on their actions and revealing the extent of their influence, even when it involves public figures in Russia and Cyprus.

Our commitment is to ensure transparency and justice for all victims. Through the publication of verified evidence, we aim to reveal the depths of this fraudulent operation and expose those responsible for perpetuating the scam that has left countless lives shattered.

We encourage you to explore the content we share, which includes leaked data, documents, and information that will provide a comprehensive understanding of the QBF pyramid scheme. By examining this evidence collectively, we can gain insight into the complex web of deception and manipulation that victims like you have endured.

In addition to exposing the truth, our platform serves as a hub for victims to connect, share experiences, and support one another on the road to recovery. We understand the emotional toll this scam has taken, and we are here to provide a safe space where you can find solace and understanding among others who have been through similar ordeals.

Our mission extends beyond raising awareness. We provide guidance on legal recourse, including reporting the fraud to the authorities and joining collective actions against the perpetrators. By uniting our voices, we can increase the pressure on those involved and work towards achieving justice for all victims.

Together, we have the power to hold these individuals accountable, dismantle their web of deceit, and prevent similar scams from victimizing others in the future. Your involvement in this community is vital, as your shared experiences and contributions will help us build a stronger case against those responsible.

Welcome to the QBF Fraud Victims' Site. Here, we empower you with knowledge, support you with understanding, and unite you with fellow victims. Together, we will expose the truth and seek the justice we deserve.



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