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The Rise and Fall of the QBF: A Tale of Crime and Corruption - Linda Athanasiadou Fraud

The QBF criminal organization, led by R.V. Shpakov, orchestrated a financial scheme that systematically committed serious mercenary-oriented crimes, particularly fraud.

Evgenia Anatolievna Rossieva, Stanislav Anatolievich Matyukhin and , Alexei Sergeyevich Golubev waiting sentencing.
Evgenia Anatolievna Rossieva, Stanislav Anatolievich Matyukhin and , Alexei Sergeyevich Golubev

Structure and Strategy:

Shpakov created a comprehensive criminal plan involving:

  • The establishment of separate functional units with distinct responsibilities and specializations.

  • Recruitment of trustworthy individuals and those inclined to deception for management positions.

  • Formation of legal entities to fabricate fictitious contracts and generate the illusion of legitimate operations.

  • Engagement of executors likely to commit theft by deception and ensure the structural units functioned adequately.

  • A defined income distribution scheme to motivate perpetrators based on defrauded citizens.

  • Inept participants enlisted to mask the criminal activities.

  • Deceptive methods are devised to facilitate the crimes and procure criminal proceeds.

  • A hierarchical system from unit heads to managers directs perpetrators to utilize these deceptive methods when interacting with clients.

Criminal Undertakings:

The organization pursued serious offences through stages:

  • Securing funding for the criminal association's activities.

  • Registering and using legal entities for contract and document fabrication.

  • Attracting confidants and assigning roles to preserve the crime mechanism.

  • Individual offence plans and cloaking techniques.

  • Aligning the participants' activities.

  • Drawing up client agreements to veil embezzlement as broker services.

  • Advertising on various media to lure clients.

  • Training on negotiation deception and a reward system for theft.

  • Leasing office spaces as hubs for meetings and funds reception.

  • Simulating returns to appease clients and avoid legal notice.

  • Legitimacy acts to prevent detection and evade punishment.

  • Monetary allocation is based on engagement in criminal activity.

Modus Operandi for Embezzlement:

Under Shpakov's plan, the group conducted felonious embezzlement by:

  • Posing as a broker service and making clients believe they were investing funds with a legitimate securities market participant, ensuring client interest protection.

  • Opening LLC Investment Company QBIF, which held numerous licenses (later annulled for violations) to further deceive clients into investing.

  • Devising an additional criminal plan in late 2019 to expand the client base and increase embezzled funds.

Roman Valerievich Shpakov

  • Role: Founder and head of the criminal association.

  • Activities:

  • Devised a plan to form a criminal group for committing systematic fraud.

  • Utilized his official position to influence others and facilitate participation in the criminal organization.

  • Involved in creating and registering legal entities to mask illicit activities.

  • Established a strict hierarchy and distribution of roles within the criminal organization.

  • Developed methods of deception to execute and conceal criminal activities.

  • Objective: To systematically commit serious, mercenary-oriented crimes, primarily fraud, under the guise of legitimate financial operations.

Vladimir Sergeevich Pakhomov

  • Role: Leader of a key structural subdivision within the criminal association.

  • Activities:

  • Coordinated the activities of the first structural subdivision.

  • Involved in finding and equipping office premises for criminal operations.

  • Trained participants in deceptive practices and motivation for embezzling funds.

  • Played a significant role in creating fraudulent client agreements and embezzling client funds.

Zelimkhan Visaitovich Munaev

  • Role: Coordinator for a segment of the criminal association.

  • Activities:

  • Focused on training members in deception and managing client negotiations.

  • Ensured efficiency and effectiveness in criminal operations.

Linda Athanasiadou/Kovalenko

  • Role: Head of a separate structural subdivision.

  • Activities:

  • Managed international aspects of the scheme, including dealing with foreign entities.

  • Involved in complex financial operations to move embezzled funds internationally.

Alexei Sergeyevich Golubev

  • Role: Operational leader in specific regional operations.

  • Activities:

  • Focused on securing office locations and managing regional criminal activities.

  • Contributed to the training and management of participants in the scheme.

Stanislav Anatolievich Matyukhin and Evgenia Anatolievna Rossieva

  • Roles: Leaders in other specific structural subdivisions.

  • Activities:

  • Involved in organizing and executing specific parts of the criminal plan, including managing legal entities and financial transactions.

Unidentified Co-conspirators

  • Role: Various operational roles within the criminal association.

  • Activities:

  • Executed specific tasks like producing fraudulent documents, client interaction, and financial transactions.

  • Some were unaware of the criminal nature of the association.

Key Characteristics of the Criminal Association:

  • Cohesive and stable structure.

  • Specific roles and hierarchies.

  • Sophisticated methods of committing and concealing offences.

  • Utilization of legal entities for legitimacy.

  • Distribution of criminal proceeds based on hierarchy and contribution.

The Rise and Fall of the QBF: A Tale of Crime and Corruption - How Linda Athanasiadou deceived everyone

This criminal association, led by R.V. Shpakov, was an organized and hierarchical group dedicated to committing large-scale fraud. They exploited their positions and created a complex network of legal entities and deceptive practices to embezzle funds from unsuspecting clients, demonstrating sophisticated planning and execution of criminal activities.

QBF and NOA Circle Scam - Linda Athanasiadou

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