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Uncovering the Illicit Acts of Linda Athanasiadou and Kovalenko in the QBF Criminal Organization

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Linda Athanasiadou, a key leading member of the QBF criminal organisation and currently on the run
Linda Athanasiadou, a key leading member of the QBF criminal organisation and currently on the run

Linda Athanasiadou, or Linda Kovalenko, or Athanasiadou L. or Kovalenko L., as per the indictment documents, was involved in several activities related to the QBF illegal activities of the criminal organization.

She was a senior member of the criminal organization and led the second division. She remains at large, on the run, continuing illicit activities, defrauding unsuspected customers offering the same ponzi investment schemes and attacking in any way anyone that can expose her scam or lead to her arrest.

Linda Athanasiadou's illegal role in the QBF criminal organization included:

  1. Organizing the signing of service agreements that were deceptive in nature:

  2. Coordinating agreements for trust management services:

  3. Involvement in high-level organizational actions:

  4. Utilizing connections and expertise in Cyprus.

The indictment documents suggest that Linda and Apollon Athanasiadou had extensive personal and professional connections in Cyprus, including financial sectors, law firms, and regulatory bodies.

They leveraged their expertise and knowledge of the operating environment for companies under local jurisdiction in international financial markets. It is worth noting that according to all other members of the criminal organization, including Mr Zelikham Munaev, E.A. Rossieva, Phakmov, Queleb and Matyukhin, who have been arrested, pleaded guilty and serving in prison, Apollon Anatasiades was a relative of the former president of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades who has been assisting them with CySec and the CYrpus central bank issues during the previous investigation in 2017-18.

The details in these points outline Athanasiadou's active involvement in the structured deceit carried out by the QBF organization and her role in leveraging international connections to assist in the organization's schemes.

Linda Kovalenko, also known as Linda Athanasiadou, played a multifaceted role in the QBF criminal organization.

Linda Athanasiadou, QBF

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